Tsuyoshi IMAI

Professor, Doctor of Engineering (1965.9.13)
Environmental Planning LAB.
Division of Environmental Science and Engineering
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Yamaguchi University
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1. Field of Expertise:
Biological wastewater treatment (Aerobic, Anaerobic)
Biological treatment of organic solid waste
Composting of organic solid waste
Water environment conservation

2. Major Research Project Completed:
Anaerobic Biofilm Experiment & Modeling
High Concentrated Activated Sludge Experiment & Modeling
Various wastewater Treatment by UASB process
Development of Upflow Anaerobic Hybrid Blanket (UAHB) Process
Composting of Garbage using Excess Sludge as seed microorganisms
Acceleration Granuration in Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) Process
Decolorization of wastewater by Thermotolerant Fungi
Solubilization of Excess Sludge by High-Speed Rotary Disk Process
Solubilization of Excess Sludge by Subcritical water Process
Restoration for bottom sediment in closed water body by high concentrated oxygen water
Utilization for liquid fertilizer of bio-ethanol fermentation effluent
Decolorization of wastewater by Thermophilic / Methophilic anaerobic bacteria

3. Current Major Research Project:
Novel Oxygen Supply Process by Contacting Water Film with Air
Novel Disinfection method by High-dissolved gas (ex. Air) Water for disinfection to microorganisms
Novel oil-water separation process by combination microbubbles and normal bubbles

4. Research Interest (except the above research projects):
Development of novel method of oxygen supply in aerobic wastewater treatment
Development of high efficient composting process with effective themotolerant bacteria
Development of novel aerobic wastewater treatment process with no excess sludge
High efficient treatment of high strength (pulp, alcohol, beer, etc.) wastewater by thermophilic UASB process



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