Department of Radiology Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine

department of radiology

department of radiology

The Department of Radiology at Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine is a highly specialized, academic and clinical department, offering the most advanced diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services for patient care.
Our department also provides highly organized educational programs for medical students and radiology residents, and trains tomorrow’ s radiology leaders. Along with patient care and education, imaging research is one of our great missions.

clinical care

clinical care

Diagnostic Imaging
1) Conventional X-ray
2) Ultrasound
3) Computed Tomography (CT)
4) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Interventional Radiology (IR)
1) Vascular
2) Non-Vascular
Nuclear Medicine


The mission of our department is to pursue cutting-edge, highly effective and compliant clinical research for the discovery of health care advancements across multiple radiology specialties. On-going research projects are as follows:

1) MR imaging diagnosis of pancreatobiliary diseases: Clinical application of cine-dynamic MRCP with spatially selective inversion recovery pulse

2) Functional imaging of pancreatobiliary system: Evaluation by multiparametric MR imaging

3) Computer assisted diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma using dynamic CT

4) Correlation of imaging features and pathological features of patients with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors

5) The affecting factors of fractional flow reserve using coronary CT (FFRCT) before and after administration of nitroglycerin

6) The correlation between aortic ejection fraction using four-dimensional ECG-gating CT and factors suggesting aortic stiffness

7) Image quality of ultralow-dose neck and chest CT using a Tin filter

8) Lung perfused blood volume images using dual source CT

9) Preoperative portal embolization for major hepatectomy: Assessment of approach sites between percutaneous transhepatic vs trans-ileocecal


research research research

education and training

A dedicated educational program is provided to medical students and Radiology residents.
Our program committee seeks to identify your individual areas of interest and talents and helps you achieve your professional goals.

Educational Program for Medical Students
1)Lecture of diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology in addition to imaging anatomy, physiology, and the principles of imaging modalities in the 4th year.
2)Radiology-related clinical practice for 2 weeks for each group in the 5th year.
3)Clinical clerkships for 6 weeks for each group in the 6th year.
Training Program in Clinical Resident Training Systems
1)Applicants can select 1-3 months training programs. In these programs, clinical residents can learn how to read, interpret and report imaging findings of X-ray, CT, and MRI under the guidance of experienced radiologists.
2)Clinical residents can participate in vascular as well as non-vascular IR with interventional radiologists.
Training Program for Radiology Residents
1)This program is planned to enable residents to successfully pass the radiology board examination held after completing 3 years and 5 years of radiology training.
2)Radiology residents can learn diagnostic processes in each imaging modality including detection and characterization of various diseases in the whole body, and can acquire the ability to be a general radiologist.
3)Radiology residents can experience various interventional procedures first hand under the guidance of expert interventional radiologists.
4)After the completion of 5 years training, radiology residents can be highly accomplished radiologists with subspecialities.
faculty and staff

faculty and staff

Katsuyoshi Ito, MD, Professor and Chairman

Munemasa Okada, MD, Associate Professor

Matakazu Furukawa, MD, Associate Professor

Etsushi Iida, MD, Assistant Professor

Masahiro Tanabe, MD, Assistant Professor

Yoshie Kunihiro, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Miwa Matsukuma, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor


Taiga Kobayashi, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor


Keisuke Miyoshi, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Masako Osaki, MD, Clinical Fellow

Fumi Kameda, MD, Clinical Fellow

Masaki Kamiya, MD, Clinical Fellow

Takako Ihara, MD, Resident

Mayumi Higashi, MD, Graduate Student

Keiko Hideura, MD, Resident

Kenichiro Ihara, MD, Graduate Student

Koji Narikiyo, MD, Graduate Student

Tetsuro Komatsu, MD, Resident

Masaya Tanabe, MD, Graduate Student

Yousuke Kawano, MD, Resident

Ryoko Morooka, MD, Resident


Atsuo Inoue, MD, Resident